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3 Button Soap Dispenser 

The 3 Button Soap Dispenser contains 3 cartridges which each hold 400ml of liquid. These are an ideal dispenser to have Shampoo, Conditioner & Soap in motel showers etc.

Brightwell Soap Dispenser 
Brightwell Soap Dispenser
Go Jo Soap Dispenser 
Go Jo Soap Dispenser is an automatic soap dispensing machine. The Go Jo Soap Dispenser turns it self off automatically. The skylight in the machine makes it easy to see when its time to reload. The LED light on the machine shows when the battery charge is low.
GoJo Blackboard 
- Full Skin Care Program designed for the toughest work environments.

 - Clear & Simple hand hygiene board, with identified formulas & usage instructions.

 - Three Heavy Duty formulas to choose from to help tailor the Blackboard to the specific requirements & work environments.

 - Complete protfolio of educational support material available.

 - Restricted dispenses to ensure a true economy in use.

GoJo Hand Medic Dispenser 

The GoJo Hand Medic Dispenser is a traditional bag-in-box dispenser.


Purell Hand Sanitiser Dispenser 
Purell is an instant hand sanitiser that kills 99.99% of most common germs that cause illness. This Purell touch free dispenser will reduce the amount of germs spread in your workplace and in one recent study the healthcare workers sanitised there hand 20% more often with the Purell touch free dispenser.