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ProClean Balance 
Proclean Balance is a specially formulated quality shampoo and conditioner combined. Proclean Balance gently foams away oils that can leave hair feeling heavy and limp.
This enriched formula both cleanses and conditions to give hair a silky feel with added shine. Proclean Balance is naturally pH balanced to match the skin and hair. It will not strip colour.
ProClean Blast 
ProClean Blast Oven & Grill is an alkaline, DG rated, oven and grill cleaner developed for daily application as a maintenance cleaner. ProClean Blast Oven & Grill has the caustic strength to remove mild carbon and grease deposits from cast iron, steel, stainless steel, glass, enamel and ceramic surfaces. Wetting and emulsifying agents, ensures fast penetration and thorough rinsing.
ProClean Bleach 
ProClean Bleach is a 4% Commercial Grade Sodium Hypochlorite, greenish yellow liquid exhibiting a strong chlorine odour. Textile Manufacture, Commercial Laundries, Institutional Laundries, Industrial Laundries, Hotel and Motel In-House Laundries & Convalescent Homes in House Laundries.
ProClean Brute 
Proclean Brute is a food service Spray n Wipe detergent developed for spray and wipe maintenance cleaning in most hospitality food service applications.
ProClean Bubblegum 
ProClean Bubble Gum has been developed as an economical reodorant disinfectant based on QUAT chemistry to provide excellent multi-purpose germicidal detergency that disinfects, cleans, and deodorizes in one easy step. ProClean Bubble Gum is a distinctive "sour cherry" fragrance product.
ProClean Calypso 
ProClean Calypso is a clear green liquid hand soap containing Tea Tree Oil. Tee Tree Oil is well known for its antibacterial capacity. It contains glycerine and natural ingredients to soften the skin, so hands feel fresh and soft after washing.
ProClean Canadian Pine 

Canadian Pine has been developed as an economical reodorant disinfectant based on QUAT chemistry to provide excellent multi-purpose germicidal detergency that disinfects, cleans, and deodorizes in one easy step. Canadian Pine is a distinctive "woodsy-pine forest" fragrance product. Acts in 3 ways as a Disinfectant, Reodorant & Deodoriser. Kills the commonly found species of bacteria transmitted in toilet and washroom areas.

ProClean Chlorbrite 
ProClean Chlorbrite is a non-caustic , chlorinated, powdered, mildly alkaline detergent.
ProClean Chlorbrite contains wetting agents and emulsifiers, which have been scientifically blended to rapidly penetrate and remove the soils from dishes, glassware and cutlery.
ProClean Chlorbrite contains: water conditioning agents to reduce both scale and build up or corrosion in the machine.
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ProClean Dab . 

Dab Workshop Hand Cleaner with poly grit & natural solvents. Packed in 2.5L handled containers. This advanced hand cleaner is specially formulated to quickly remove the heaviest grease and grime. It contains emollients and conditioners, but no harsh solvents. Instead, the nonirritating scrubbing particles work to loosen and remove the most deeply embedded soils. Simply apply to dry hands, then rinse or wipe off.

ProClean Force 
ProClean Force Liquid Laundry Detergent is a blue, slightly viscous liquid. It has been specially formulated incorporating biodegradable surfactants, sequestering agents and optical brightener to achieve outstanding results for general laundry purposes. The product is indicated for the washing of whites and colours, cottons and synthetics. ProClean Force can be used on its own (ideal for woollens) or with ProClean Plush fabric softener.
ProClean Image 
Proclean Image is a ready to use glass cleaner. Proclean Image is formulated specifically for cleaning glass and thoroughly removes smears, smut, grubby finger marks and other soil deposits from windows and all glass surfaces without hazing or smearing.
ProClean In-Sync 
ProClean In-Sync is a clear lemon liquid. It has been developed specifically as a dishwashing detergent and possesses excellent cleaning properties. It maintains lather throughout the washing up without development of greasy scum in the sink. Because of the excellent wetting qualities of ProClean In-Sync, articles washed in it dry quickly and streak free to a sparkling finish.
ProClean Janitor 
ProClean Janitor is a red coloured alkaline detergent formulated with apple fragrance for a fresh fruity just cleaned finish. ProClean Janitor is perfectly safe to use in food preparation areas, and will not taint or affect food stuffs in any way. It is non toxic at recommended dilution, non flammable and non staining.
ProClean Monster 
ProClean Monster Car & Truck Wash which is a liquid car and truck shampoo for hand washing of all vehicles. Cleans without removing the wax finish. Can confidently be used on all metals, including aluminium. Is non toxic and safe for manual use. Is readily soluble in hard or soft water, producing instantaneous and abundant controlled foam. Because of its near neutral pH is not harsh on the hands or duco.
ProClean Plush 
ProClean Plush Fabric Softener is a lavender coloured fabric softener with a faint tea tree oil odour. Improves the feel to fabric. Improves rinsing & thereby reduces fabric roughness. Contains Tea Tree Oil which is well known for its antibacterial & anti mildew charteristcs.
ProClean Result 
ProClean Result is described as an auto feed machine washing detergent, which exhibits all the horsepower usually associated with concentrated powders together with all the advantages of a liquid. ProClean Result performs at an economical concentration in soft or hard water and removes all soils including those thought to be very difficult to remove in an automatic operation. Tannin stains are also removed and prevented with routine use. Additionally ProClean Result reduces or eliminates foaming which clogs pumps and cushions the impact of the spray and is corrosion safe on all metals commonly used in the construction of commercial dish washing machines.
ProClean Spa 
Proclean Spa is a hair and body shampoo with a new perfume that leaves a crisp clean fragrance on the hands, a fragrance popular with both males and female. It contains glycerine and natural ingredient to soften the skin so hands feel fresh and soft after washing.
ProClean Sparkle 
ProClean Sparkle is a wetting agent, which enables glassware, dishes and utensils to dry thoroughly and quickly without spotting or streaking. ProClean Sparkle is designed to be applied in the rinse cycle of automatic dish washing machines through rinse injectors.
ProClean Stix 
ProClean Stix has been developed so that it sticks to the surface when cleaning and deodorising stainless steel urinals and toilet bowls. ProClean Stix does not harm stainless steel but safely removes slime, rust stains and organic matter. ProClean Stix contains a pleasant "lavender" fragrance.
ProClean Sydney Blue Gum 
ProClean Sydney Blue Gum has been developed as an economical reodorant disinfectant based on QUAT chemistry to provide excellent multi-purpose germicidal detergency that disinfects, cleans, and deodorizes in one easy step. ProClean Sydney Blue Gum is a distinctive "leafy eucalypt forest" fragrance product.
ProClean Ultra 
ProClean Ultra Bathroom Cleaner is a chlorinated alkaline detergent that removes and suspends soils. ProClean Ultra has been provided with an alkaline booster which enables the product to go on cleaning long after ordinary detergents are exhausted. The formulation has been built with special water-conditioning agents to ensure that its bacterial and detergency characteristics are retained in water of medium hardness.
ProClean Value 
ProClean Value Laundry Powder is an economical version washing powder and is a white with blue beads, medium granular low bulk density laundry detergent. An entirely synthetic formula containing "detergent boosters". ProClean Value has proved invaluable in commercial laundries, motels, hotels, private and public hospitals, colleges and institutions.