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1 Ply Napkins 
1ply napkins are available in luncheon size, and in a variety of colours to match any setting, and are available in 1/4 fold, 1/8 fold and dispenser fold. Suitable for café, takeaway shops etc, it is the ideal product for the fast paced industry with high volume usage.
2 Ply Napkins 

The 2ply cocktail range is available in an assortment of colours, white & a christmas holly pattern. The 2ply luncheon variety is manufactured 320mm x 320mm making it the versatile choice for today. The 2ply dinner range at 400mm x 400mm offers a more generous napkin suitable for all settings not just dinner.

Centrefeed Towel 

Centrefeed towel allows a trouble free, hygienic, and low cost technique of cleaning and drying without hassle. Due to its strength and versatility it is well suited for the food handling and automotive industry.

Facial Tissues 

Facial Tissues 2 Ply are packaged in an appealing design and with 2ply thickness, the Ultrasoft Tissue is durable yet soft and luxurious to the face. With one tissue being issued at a time for hygiene and usage purposes the product has been manufactured with an oval access point, which makes it effortless in obtaining the required amount of tissue.

Interleaf Towel 

Interleaf towel delivers great economical value while still obtaining excellent drying qualities, suitable for all washrooms. The product is portion controlled, which eliminates towel being wasted, as only one sheet of towel is available at a time. The Interleaf Towel is designed in conjunction with matching dispensers to allow a fast and easy way of obtaining paper towel.

Jumbo Toilet Paper 
Jumbo Toilet Paper
No Image
Kitchen Towel 
No details avaliable for this product. Please Contact Us for more information
Livi 400 Sheet Toilet Paper 

 - Livi Bathroom Roll 2 Ply

 - Roll Count: 400 Sheet

 - Carton Count: 48 Rolls


Livi 700 Sheet Toilet Paper 

 - Livi Bathroom Roll 2 Ply

 - Roll Count: 400 Sheet

 - Carton Count: 48 Rolls

Livi Facial Tissues 

 - Livi Facial Tissues 2 Ply

 - Pack Count: 100 Sheets

 - Carton Count: 30 Packs

Roll Towel 
The roll towel available ranges in length and packed 16 rolls per carton these products are made from the most superior quality virgin material. Super absorbent and are of high strength both moist and dry. Suitable for both personal and commercial use. Available in 100m or 80m rolls.
Table Cover Rolls 
This table cover roll collection adds character and style to every tabletop with numerous eye catching colours available. They are available in 30m rolls with coloured dots of red, blue, green, black, plain white & Christmas Holly pattern.
Toilet Paper 1 Ply 1000 Sheet 
This value choice paper is a 1 ply 100 sheet paper.
Ultrasoft Toilet Paper 
Ultrasoft Toilet Paper 2 ply 400 sheet toilet paper.