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.Alpen Drinking Chocolate 
Alpen Drinking Chocolate
.Bushells Teabag Envelopes 
Bushells Teabag Envelopes
.CSR Sugar 2kg 
CSR Sugar 2kg. Also available in a 1kg bag.
.Lipton Teabag Envelopes 
Lipton Teabag Envelopes
.Milo 1.9kg 
Milo 1.9kg container
.Nescafe Coffee 1kg 
Nescafe Coffee 1kg tin
.Nescafe Coffee Sticks 

Nescafe Coffee Sticks

.Shortbread Biscuits 
Shortbread Biscuits
We have a range of Aprons available. Such as white disposable aprons that are dispensed from the box, white PVC aprons used in the food industry, poly cotton pop over style & cotton full bib navy with no pockets.
Coveralls - Disposable 
Made from polypropylene (PP), this single layer coverall, is an excellent solution for keeping clean and reducing decontamination and laundering costs. Polyproylene single layer, Breathable and cool, Economical protection against particulate matter, fibres, dirt, dust, grease and grime. Not suitable for wet work has a two way zip and is made from a lightweight material.
Distilled Water 

Some uses for Distilled Water: Steam Irons, humidifiers, vaporisers and sterilisation units work more efficiently and last longer using Distilled Water Provides longer battery life for cars and trucks, Chlorine free rinsing of hair, Used in autoclaves.

Hats - Disposable Berets 
These Disposable Berets are a lightweight and comfortable polypropylene cap designed to contain head hair, protecting product from possible contamination.
Lab Coats - Polypropylene 

The lab coat is a protective coat designed to cover arms, torso and upper legs. It's a soft and lightweight coat providing comfortable protection for the wearer. HACCP Australia Food Safety Certification, Made from non-woven polypropylene and elastic, Protects against particulate matter, fibres, dirt, dust, grease and grime. Inflammable, not flame resistant.


Sanitary Disposal Units 
TerraCyclic Sanitary Disposal Units are a sanitary waste disposal system. The inner liner (cartridge) has a cap, modesty flap and a bag that contains essential oil deodorisers. Waste is removed and disposed of inside the cartridge - making this the safest, simplest sanitary waste disposal solution on the market.
Shoe Covers 

Designed to cover feet and footwear for indoor use and dry work areas.


  • Soft and lightweight
  • Breathable, air permeable
  • Protects against particulate matter, fibres, dust, dirt, grease and grime
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    Triggers & Bottles 

    We have a range of plastic bottles available in sizes:

     - 250ml

     - 500ml

     - 1 Litre

     - 5 Litre

     - 20 Litre


    Lids to suit above bottles:

     - Screw on Lids

     - Flip Top Lids

     - Push Down

     - Sauce Bottle Lids

     - 5 Litre Pumps

     - Drum Taps