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Absorba Matting 
  • Heavy Duty Mat for high traffic areas
  • Grippers on underside minimise movement
  • Reinforced rubber raised squares to prevent pile from crushing, improving wear ability.

Available in Blue, Red, Green, Grey, Pepper & Walnut.

Sizes available: *600 x 900mm, *900 x 1440mm, *910 x 2970mm, *1140 x 2970mm,

*1140 x 1750mm, *1750 x 2920mm, *1800 x 6045



Air Grid 
  • Comfort and wear features
  • Non-slip rubber surface
  • Relieves the strain on legs
  • Suction cups on base assist with mat adhesion
  • Optional grease proof
  • Ideal for demanding work areas wet or dry

Available in: Yellow Border, Terracotta or Black

Sizes: *600 x 900mm, *900 x 1200mm

Boot Dip Mat 
  • Hundreds of bristles encourage boot cleaning whilst trapping the dirt
  • Raised walls to hold anti germ detergent or any liquid for hygienic cleaning
  • Yellow edges for high visibility
  • Cross grip rear design firmly holds the mat to floor

Size: *980 x 810 x 47mm

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Bubble Mat 
  • Maximum comfort system for dry work areas
  • Modules fit together easily and quickly
  • Safety yellow border comes standard with this mat type

Sizes: *800 x 800mm

Chair Mats 
  • Clear Heavy Duty PVC
  • Assist chair movement, Protects carpets and hard floors
  • Available with or without grippers.

Sizes: *920 x 1220mm, *1140 x 1350mm

Comfi Tread 
  • Smooth surface for easy cleaning
  • Unique based to relieve the strain from constant standing
  • Suction cups on base to prevent movement
  • Bevelled edges for added safety
  • 100% natural rubber

Sizes: *600 x 900mm, *600 x 1200mm

Comfort Link 
  • Mat links to form desire shape
  • Holed design & solid
  • Bevelled edges available in black or yellow
  • Suitable for wet and dry areas
  • Unique "grit top" for very slippery areas

Available in: Solid, Greaseproof, Holed

Sizes: *900 x 900mm, *900 x 75mm (edged)

Cushion Deck 
  • Superior interlocking system for fast & secure assembly
  • High Grip Surface
  • Bevelled edges and corners to eliminate trips and falls
  • PVC material resists harmful substances
  • Ideal for showers, bathrooms, change rooms and pools

Available in Black, Blue and Safety Yellow

Sizes: *300 x 300mm, *300 x 50mm, *50 x 50mm

Cushion Mat 
  • All weather mat suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Collects tracked in dirt and water, Often used in entrances to protect the floor
  • Mats surface is always dry and clean.

Available in: Black, Grey, Brown, Blue & Red.

Sizes: *450 x 600mm, *600 x 900mm, *900 x 1500mm, *1200mm Runner

Cushion Mat Unbacked 
  • Looped vinyl surface
  • Unbacked to allow water and dirt to pass through
  • Excellent comfort
  • Ideal for use in wet and barefoot traffic areas where drainage and safety footing is required

Available in: Blue or Black

Sizes: *1200mm Runner

Diamond Foot 
  • Slip resistant, hard wearing and chemical resistant surface.
  • Yellow safety borders.
  • Resilient sponge base to enhance comfort.
  • Ideal for all dry areas including warehouses and workstations
  • 12mm thickness

Sizes: *600 x 900mm, *900 x 1500mm, *900mm Runner, *1200mm Runner

Ergo Tred 
  • Suited to relieve the constant strain of standing
  • Domed surface ergonomically designed to improve circulation and give maximum comfort
  • Ideal for checkouts, workstations ans counters
  • 100% Natural Rubber

Available in: Yellow Border or Black

Sizes: *600 x 900mm, *900 x 1200mm, *900mm wide runner, *1200mm wide runner

Esteem Tile System 
  • Tile system for heavy traffic areas
  • Connects easily and quickly
  • Traps dirt and water and hides it from sight
  • Can be cut or shaped to any requirement
  • Suitable for mat recesses.

Available in: Black or Grey

Size: *300 x 450 x 15mm

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Fire Resistant Mat 
  • Ideal for fire hazardous areas as the mat is inherent with a combination of properties for resisting fire
  • Very low smoke emission
  • Does not emit chlorine or chlorinated gaseous compounds
  • Very good load bearing characteristics

Size: *900 x 1500mm

Floor Shield 
  • Absorbs water and dirt from shoes whilst hiding it from sight
  • Smooth polypropylene surface, Easy to clean and dries quickly
  • Solution dyed to prevent fading.

Available in: Walnut, Blue, Grey & Smoke

Sizes Available:

*480 x 740mm, *600 x 900mm, *900 x 1200mm, *900 x 1500mm, *900mm Runner

Logo Mats 
  • A great way to get your message across to everyone that comes throught the door
  • Hard wearing nylon plush pile makes for a clean cut image with a long life
  • Rubber backing and borders
  • Machine washable

Sizes Available: *600 x 900mm, *900 x 1200mm, *900 x 1500mm, *900mm Runner


Maxi Grip 
  • Raised gripper surface provides traction in slippery areas
  • Nitrile rubber compound resists damage from fats and oils
  • Low profile, only 3mm thick
  • Reversible - Either side can be used

Sizes: *900 x 1500mm, *900 x 3000mm

Prestige Mat 
  • Attractive, hard wearing mat for medium traffic areas, Heavy Duty rubber backed
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor areas
  • Raised reinforced rubber border helps trap moisture and dirt.

Available in Blue, Brown, Green & Grey.

Sizes available:

*400 x 600mm, *450 x 750mm, *600 x 900mm, *900 x 1500mm, *1200 x 1800mm

Ribbed Mat 
  • Suitable for medium traffic areas
  • Solution dyed to prevent fading
  • Easy to clean and dries quickly
  • The attractive bi-level construction traps dirt
  • Course fibres scrape dirt and debris from shoes.

Available in: Red, Green, Brown, Pepper, Blue, Grey

Sizes Available: *450 x 680mm, *600 x 900mm, *900 x 1500mm, *1200 x 1800mm

Rubber Brush Scraper 
  • Heavy Duty outdoor scraper mat
  • Rubber studs dislodge dirt from shoes
  • Slip resistant base
  • Ramped edge for added safety.

Available in: Black

Sizes: *610 X 810mm, *710 x 1070mm, *910 x 1830mm

Rubber Mat Rolls 
  • Anti slip surface
  • Hard wearing natural rubber
  • Protects floors
  • Easy to sweep

Available in: Wide Rib, Studded, Fine Rib

Sizes: *10m x 1m


Safety Cushion 
  • Popular general purpose safety mat
  • Comfort non slip mat
  • Bevelled edges for safety
  • Optional grease resistant formula
  • Ideal for factories, kitchens, food prep areas, behind counters

Sizes: *500 x 1000mm, *900 x 1500mm

Sliptech Matting 
  • Excellent antifatigue properties
  • Rubberised pyramid surface for extra traction
  • Surface resists most common chemicals
  • Easy to clean
  • Optional yellow border

Sizes: *600 x 900mm, *900 x 1500mm, *600mm Runner, *900mm Runner, *1200mm Runner

Soft Foot 
  • Rugged, durable closed cell vinyl sponge antifatigue matting
  • Comfortable cushion surface with non slip ribs and bevelled edges
  • May be cut to desired shape
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for uses in warehosues, counters, check outs or any dry area

Available in: Safety Yellow or Standard Grey

Sizes: *900mm Runner

Solid Top Antifatigue 
  • Versatile and economical anti-fatigue system
  • Smooth surface for easy cleaning
  • Suitable for light trolleys
  • Modules fit together easily & quickly
  • Slip resistant top

Sizes: *700 x 800mm

Solid Top Gym Mat 
  • Especially formulated cushion effect bears the impact of body movement and heavy gym equipment
  • Ideal as an aerobics flooring
  • Reduces stress on joints during high impact workouts
  • Durable solid rubber to absorb shock and noise of heavy gym equipment
  • Wont pull apart with use but can be easily unlocked as needed

Sizes: *900 x 900mm, *900 x 75mm edge

Supa Grippa 
  • PVC solid matting can be cut to any length or shape
  • Soft surface drains and resists oils, chemicals and alkalis
  • Ideal for wet areas like bars, boats, workshops etc
  • Heavy Duty construction

Available in: Black or Blue

Sizes: *12m x 900mm

Tacky Mat 
  • Tacky Matting is designed to attract and contain dust and dirt
  • Tacky surface effectively removes dirt from shoes and castors
  • Anti-Microbial Surface is perfect for clean rooms, labs, surgical rooms and medical offices
  • Simply peel off sheet when contaminated
  • Available in 30 disposable sheet pads with or without tray
  • Refills available and tray is reusable

Single Tray: 80 x 65mm    Tear offs are numbered

Tough Scrape 
  • Heavy Duty Edging
  • Coarse fibres scrape dirt and debris from shoes
  • Easy to clean
  • Solution dyed to prevent fading
  • Dries quickly

Available in: Red, Green, Pepper, Blue, Grey & Brown.

Sizes: *2 x 21m & *4 x 21m

True Grip 
  • Safety mat for wet and slippery areas
  • Raised legs for maximum grip
  • Open slots to allow drainage
  • Nitrile rubber compound to resist oils and fats
  • Bevelled edges for safety

Sizes: *900 x 1500mm with 6mm thickness

Tube Tread Mat Roll 
  • PVC tubular matting can be cut to any length or shape
  • Soft surface drains and resists oils, chemicals and alkalis
  • Ideal wet areas like bars, boats, workshops and swimming pools

Available in: Black or Blue

Size: *12m x 900mm

Vinyl Carpet Runners 
  • Clear with herringbone design and grippers underneath
  • Extra thickness for longer life and better appearance
  • Protects floors from dirt and water

Sizes: *32m x 685mm, *18m x 920mm, *18m x 1220mm

Welding Mat 
  • Can be used in both greasy / dry environment
  • Reduces fatigue during prolonged standing
  • Available with designs for non slip surfaces
  • Specially designed to resist welding flux and grinding sparks of 1300 - 1500 centigrade for less than 3 seconds

Sizes: 700 x 800mm