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Alkaline Break 
Alkaline Break is a clear red liquid and is designed to provide alkalinity and to promote detergency on light, medium and heavy soil wash classifications. Alkaline Break contains high alkaline releasing agents as well as sequestrant and soil suspension properties and is best used in conjunction with Fabri Det. Alkaline Break contains concentrated alkali for effective removal of fats, oils and grease. Contains a sequestrant to inactivate iron and water hardness. Easily dispensed through an injection system.
Auto Soft 
Auto Soft is a fabric softener and conditioner. Auto Soft contains super softening agents that impart a "baby soft" feel to fabric. Reduces irritant properties caused by fabric roughness or insufficient rinsing. Makes ironing easier and reduces static "Fly Away". Is ready to use - needs no premixing - is readily soluble in water. Is  the ideal rinse additive for woollens, towels, blankets etc - or any fabricwhere the above mentioned results are desired. Small dosages achieve maximum results.
Blanket Soft 
Blanket Soft is a highly efficient liquid for all woollen laundry work. Mild yet effective on delicate fabrics. Blanket Soft can be used in domestic and industrial laundries. The obvious choice for hotels, motel and clubs. Where instant solubility makes it a preferable alternative to powders.
Breakwash Extra 
Breakwash Extra is a multiple surfactant / solvent based detergent designed for use in commercial laundries where an extra strong solvent break is required.
Chlor 20 
Chlor 20/Stain Away is a safe bleach. It is an organic bleach containing 20% available chlorine, when packed, is compatible with soap and contains its own soap regenerator. Chlor 20/Stain Away is formulated for laundering and removing tannin stains from cups.
Chlor 12 is a 12.5% Commercial Grade Sodium Hypochlorite, greenish yellow liquid exhibiting a strong chlorine odour. Main areas of Use are Textile Manufacture, Commercial Laundries, Institutional Laundries, Industrial Laundries, Hotel and Motel In House Laundries, Convalescent Homes In House Laundries & Dairy Farm Sanitising.
Easy Wash 

Easy Wash is a highly efficient one-shot laundry liquid for all laundry work.
Areas of Application: Domestic and Industrial Laundries.

Easy wash is the obvious choice for hotels, motels and clubs, where instant solubility makes it a preferable alternative to powders.

Fabri Det 

Fabri Det is a blue, slightly viscous liquid. It has been specially formulated incorporating biodegradable surfactants, sequestering agents and optical brightener to achieve outstanding results for general laundry purposes. The product is indicated for the washing of whites and colours, cottons and synthetics. Fabri Det can be used on its own and is particularly ideal for woollens.

Hydrogen Peroxide 
Hydrogen Peroxide is a concentrated liquid bleach agent suitable for removing stains on cotton and synthetic fabrics, white and coloured fabrics. Hydrogen Peroxide (if applied correctly), can be used on any washable material and is particularly useful for removing spots and stains without damaging the fabric or colour.
Hydrox is a bulk non dusty synthetic laundry powder, containing highly active yet low sudsing detergents, optical brighteners, soil suspending agents and caustic soda. Hydrox is suitable for low or high temperature laundering
Monarch is a bulk, new age synthetic laundry powder, containing highly active, yet low sudsing detergent for top and front loading laundry machines. It is effective in hot or cold water. Bio Degradable: Non polluting and therefore ecologically safe. Cold water: Oxygen release activator added so that the Oxygen bleach is released quicker at low temperatures for better stain removal and brighter whites. Concentrated: The highly economical aspect of using Monarch is obvious when only 1/3 of the volume suggested for fluffed or sprayed dried powders is required to do the same application. Multi Enzyme System: To assist in the removal of bloods, grass, food and lipstick stains. Stops Greying: The soil suspending agents, together with selected optical brighteners, prevent deposition of soil in the wash cycle on both natural and synthetic fibres. Phosphate: Monarch complies to industry standards of Low Phosphorous levels.
Multizyme Plus 
Multizyme-Plus is a bulk, new age synthetic laundry powder, containing highly active, yet low sudsing detergent for top and front-loading laundry machines. It is effective in cold water or hot up to 55C (for maximum Enzyme effect).
Neutri Sour 
Neutri Sour can also help kill some types of bacteria by lowering solution pH to the acid side, which releases chlorine gas as a bactericide from any residual bleach. Another function that Neutri Sour may perform is the removal of certain stains. Some stains are not susceptible to oxidation and can pass through the suds, bleach and rinse cycle intact. These stains may, however, be susceptible to certain reducing bleaches. Rust is a common example of such a stain. To remove rust, it is necessary to use a sour which will complex with the rust, and solubilise it so it can be rinsed away. There are certain sours which are suitable for this purpose. Their use is a must if there are unusually high traces of iron or rust present in the water supply or from tanks or pipes.
Oxalic Acid 
No details avaliable for this product. Please Contact Us for more information
Oxygene is a free flowing white crystalline powder used for bleaching and stain removal in laundering. Oxygene releases oxygen when mixed with water. This allows for safety on all fabrics and wash fast colours. It uses Sodium Percarbonate which has 13.5% active oxygen
Oxy Plus is a free flowing, white crystalline powder, with multi-enzyme system, used for bleaching and stain removal in laundries and kitchens, by releasing oxygen when mixed with water. It also has a proven biocidal active ingredient in the formulation against three strains of bacteria to give 99.99% reduction on fabric and ware-washing surfaces.
Biocidal efficacy is important for the:
* Prevention of odours arising from fabric.
* Reduction of bacterially induced fabric damage.
* Inhibition of washing machine corrosion.
Proxitane is a water clear, colourless liquid comprising an equilibrium mixture of hydrogen peroxide, peroxyacetic acid, water and acetic acid.
Sani Soft Sour 

Sani-Soft-Sour is a three in one laundry product. Used in a rinse cycle it sanitises, softens and sours the laundry items. At recommended addition rates Sani-Soft-Sour will achieve a 99.9% (Log3) reduction of growth of bacteria in cotton fabrics. Fabric treated with Sani-Soft-Sourwill be protected for hours and the proliferation of unwanted germs will be strongly inhibited.

Sour Brite Soft 
Sour Brite Soft is an acid compound used in laundries with an ultra soft fragrance, to condition the load of fabrics being washed to a desirable degree of acidity, which is important to the finishing operations that follow.
Starch is a dry, pre-cooked concentrated that offers the ultimate in starching flexibility & economy. Added dry-to-the-wheel in the exact amount needed to obtain the type of body & finish required. Premium blended starch providing the best possible fabric finishing where superior results are required every time

Superior is a bulk non dusty synthetic laundry powder, containing highly active yet low sudsing detergents, optical brighteners and soil suspending agents, oxygen releasing bleach, eucalyptus oil and added enzyme action. Superior is suitable for low or high temperature laundering. The eucalyptus fragrance imparts a clean fresh smell to the finished load.

Tornado is powerful protein stain remover, removes virtually any food, blood or milk stains. Tornado has the ability to remove a broad range of difficult laundry stains. While been easy to use and is exceptionally safe on delicate colours and fabrics.
Washbright is an economical version washing powder and is a medium granular low bulk density laundry detergent. An entirely synthetic formula containing optical brighteners and a highly effective low sudsing detergent.