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Carrier Maximaid - Small 
Ideal for carrying spray bottles, scrubs, wipes and accessories. Sturdy lightweight construction.
Janitors Cart Mark II 

Lighweight and sturdy design woth provision for many accessories to be hung. Compact size for easy manoeuvrability into elevators and tight passage ways. Locking compartment available as added extra.

Dimensions: W1070 x D510 x H900mm. Replacement bags available.

Safely collect syringes, sharp objects and general waste. Provides extra reach and control. Available in 70cm and 100cm lengths. Replacement rubber tips available.
Trolley - Scissor 
Heavy duty hooks to hang trolley bag and cleaning equipment. Large bag for linen collection. Smooth gliding wheels. Dimensions: W640 x D640 x H945mm. Replacement bags available.
Utility Cart - Charcoal 
Multipurpose cart ideal for use in bistros, food halls, hotels and motels. Can be used as a stationary cart or morning tea trolley. Utility cart bins available as an added extra. Dimensions: W380 x D900 x H520mm.
Wet Floor Signs 
Unique patented rubber bumpers at all corners to prevent the sign sliding if stepped on when pushed flat on the floor. Lightweight, compact, folding design allows for convenient storage on carts and easy transportation between work areas. Available in Yellow, Green and Pink. Fluorescent colours for high visibility.
Wet Floor Signs - Various 

Oates Non Slip A Frame Wet Floor Signs are available with a wide range of Warnings:

 - Restroom Closed

 - Out Of Service

 - Wet Floor

 - Warning Cleaning in Progress


Dimensions: W300 x D280 x H625mm.