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Anti Foam is a water based poly siloxane polymer designed to reduce to problems caused by foam in lines and recovery tanks of hot water extraction equipment.

Antistat is an Anti static agent. It can be used on glass, plastic, vinyl or most other surfaces to prevent dust, fog and static electricity on surfaces.

CYCLONE can be used as a pre-spray, in extraction equipment or as a 'spotter' to remove spot stains, spray liberally onto a stained or soiled area. Wait five minutes, or longer for stubborn stains, then dab up / scrub then clean in the usual way. CYCLONE is safe to use on all washable and colour fast fabrics. Patch test on other non colourfast material.

Dry Foam 

Dry Foam carpet shampoo is a highly concentrated shampoo and renovator.
Features & Benefits:
Dry Foam carpet shampoo produces maximum foam with a minimum amount of product to reduce over-wetting of carpet. Retards soiling because of special fibre coating properties incorporated in the formula. Restores original colours to carpets by rejuvenating the dyes.

Extract is a buff coloured, mildly alkaline powder specifically formulated for the cleaning of carpets and upholstery using truck mounted or portable hot water extraction units. Extract contains antifoaming agents, optical brighteners, highly buffered and it is readily soluble.
Fabri Guard is a fluorocarbon, water based stain and soil retardent. Non toxic and non flammable, designed especially for the professional carpet cleaner. Fabri Guard is safe on all carpet fibres not affected by water. It dries quickly, leaves a soft natural hand, and imparts some anti static properties. Fabri Guard should only be applied to new or clean carpeting, or carpeting that has just been cleaned.
Odour Go 
Odour Go is a residual deodorising air freshener containing ingredients that not only cover odours, but eliminate the cause of the odour. Odour Go can also be used by the Professional Carpet Cleaner to deodorise and eliminate odours in carpet areas.
Spot Go 
Spot Go is a fast acting, easy rinsing solvent spotter for heavy duty applications, where an oily stain or deposit is to be removed prior to pre spraying or extracting. Spot Go may be used as a spotter for cleaning difficult deposits on a routine basis.
Spot Shot 
Power-out carpet stains without scrubbing. Spot Shot makes the toughest stains disappear before your eyes. Even old stains from pets, greasy foods, motor oil, red wine, grape juice, shoe polish, cola, mud, coffee.
Sprint is a clear blue water based detergent system containing emulsifiers, stain removing solvents, sequestreants and soil suspending agents. SPRINT has an inbuilt deodorising system with a pleasing lingering "just cleaned" fragrance.