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Aluminium Foil 

Our Castaway Aluminium Foil is easily dispensed from the box with the cutter on the dispenser pack. It is manufactured from a special alloy to provide strength and resistance to tearing.

Sizes available: 30cm x 150m, 44cm x 150m. We also carry a Heavy Duty Foil which is available in 44cm x 150m.

Baking Paper 

The Castaway Easy Bake Baking Paper can be used in conventional and microwave ovens, is excellent for use of reheating food in the microwave oven, Ideal for fat free cooking as it is heat resistant up to 230 degrees celcius & it also contains a safety cutter for dispensing.

Available in:

 - 120m x 30 cm

 - 120 x 40.5 cm


Castaway Heavy Duty Wipes 

The Castaway Heavy Duty Wipes contain antibacterial protection, they are easy to rinse, machine washable, highly absorbent & strong, these cloths also resists odour. The Castaway Heavy Duty Wipes are colour coded for safety. Available in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow & Brown.

Clingwrap PVC Film 

The Castaway Clingwrap provides hassle free dispensing with built in cutter, improves kitchen safety by eliminating sharp "cutter bars" & is completely microwave safe.

Sizes Available: 33 x 600, 45 x 600, 30 x 500.


We have a large range of containers in the Castaway Brand which are available in:

 - Aluminium (Catering Trays etc)

 - Foam (Hamburger Clams etc)

 - Cardboard Takeaway (Seafood & Hot Food To Go) Prints

 - Plastic Sandwich Wedges

 - Plastic Clear

 - Paper Food Pails

 - Denture Cups

 - Pill Cups

 - Spit Cups

 - Sauce Containers

 - Hinged with Dome Lid

 - Hinged

 - Round

 - Oval

 - Square

 - Rectangular

Lids also available.


We have a wide range of cups available in our stocks including:

 - Paper

 - Foam

 - Plastic

 - Milkshake Cups

 - Dimple Coffee Cups

 - Cardboard

 - Polypropylene


Sizes vary with the different products listed above. Lids also available for the cups listed.


Our company carry a range of plastic cutlery:

 - Forks

 - Knives

 - Long Teaspoons

 - Teasponns

 - Dessert Spoons

 - Wooden Stirrers



We carry two types of Doyleys:

 - Round

 - Oval

Sizes available: 125mm, 190mm, 240mm & 300mm. Also available are White Tray Mats & Scalloped Edge Placemats.

Foil Bag 

Our Castaway Foil Bags are available in two sizes:

Small - "Hot & Tasty"   (165 x 58 x 196mm)

Large - "Hot Food To Go"   (165 x 58 x 295mm)

Greaseproof Paper 

The Castaway Greaseproof Paper is handy for rolling out pastry and lining cook pans, great for reheating food in the microwave, wont stick to food or dishes during cooking, keeps the microwave clean by preventing splatter.


 - Half (330 x 410)

 - Full (600 x 410)

Napkin Range 

 - Redifold Napkins

 - Dispenser E Tall Fold Napkins

 - Cocktail Napkins (White)

 - Quilted Dinner (Coloured & White)

 - 2 Ply Dinner & Luncheon (Coloured & White)

 - 1 Ply Dinner & Luncheon (Coloured & White)


Paper Bags 

Our Castaway Bags are available in the following:

 - Bottle Bags (Triple, Double & Single)

 - Square White (Size: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6)

 - Glassine Paper Bags (Size: Hot Dog, Half, Square, Square Flat)

 - Greaseproof Bags (Size: 1/2, 1, 2 & Wide)


Also available are Silicone Paper, Corrugated Paper Rolls, Bubble Wrap & Butchers Paper.


Pizza Boxes 
The Pizza Boxes are available in 9 inch and 13 inch sizes. Also available are the "Pizza Mates" for home made pizzas.

Our Castaway Plates are available in several different types:

 - Paper Coated

 - Paper Uncoated

 - Plastic

 - Foam / Foam Trays

 - Plastic Plate/Bowl

Sizes vary with our plate range.

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Resealable Plastic Bags 
Resealable Plastic Bags available in: 13 x 13, 4 x 8, 6 x 9, 3 x 4.

Our company have these straws available:

 - Black Cocktail

 - Black Flexi

 - Black Regular

 - Blue Regular

 - Clear Regular

 - Pink Regular

 - Jumbo Black