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Duraclean Mark II Wringer Bucket 

Heavy duty plastic is lightweight, hygenic and rustproof. Ergonomic, easy action plastic wringing system with non slip foot pedal. Non marking castors provide greater manouverability. These buckets are available in colour coding (Red, Blue, Green & Yellow) to prevent the occurance of cross contamination.

Duraclean Super Bucket 12 Litre 

Industrial strength complete with 5 year guarantee. Tested to hold 100 degree celcius boiling water. Easy grip handle with pouring lip and base grip.

Extra Wide Multi Purpose Bucket 
Ideal for everyday use with an ergonomic comfort grip handle. 12 Litre capacity.
General Purpose Bucket 9L 
Everyday Multi Purpose Bucket. Handy pouring spout for easy transfer of liquids. Ergonomic handle with comfort grip. Available in Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.
Press Wringer 
Ergonomically designed to help reduce back strain. High handle position improves leverage for quicker and easier wringer action. For use with ergo bucket. Dimensions: W237 x D395 x H500mm.
RSA Ergo Bucket - 25 Litre 
Single bucket elevated on castors for easy manoeuvrability. Ergonomically designed to help reduce back strain. For use with press wringer. Dimensions: W432 x D380 x H569mm.
Squeeze Mop Bucket 
Everyday multi purpose bucket. Handy pouring spout for easy transfer of liquids. Ergonomic comfort grip handle.
Window Cleaners Bucket 18L 
Shape compatible with window squeegee up to 600mm. Lightweight and chemicals resistant. Also available in 12L.
Wringer Bucket Metal - With Castors 

Heavy duty metal bucket with reinforced base. Castors provide greater manoeuvrability. 15 Litre capacity.

Wringer Mop Bucket - 9 Litres 
Unique AA foot pedal for maximum wringing. Ergonomic and easy to use. Australian Design Award Winner. Dimensions: W310 x D253 x H310mm.