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Baywest Multifold Towel 
The Baywest Multifold Towel is 100% recycled and is made from 49% post consumer waste and still offers the bright white product.
Baywest Opticore Toilet Tissue 

The Baywest Opticore Toilet Tissue is a 2ply  100% recycled toilet paper. These Baywest papers contain up to 49% Post Consumer waste while still offering a bright white product. They fit into the 2 and 3 roll Baywest Toilet Paper Dispensers.

Baywest Opticore Toilet Tissue Dispenser 
This dispenser is designed for high capacity controlled-use dispensing of the Opticore Toilet Tissue. When one roll is used simply turn the dial to advance to the next roll. This dispenser has a locking cover to prevent pilferage and waste. Contact Us for more information on Baywest Dispensers & Paper.
Baywest Optiserv Handsfree Dispenser 
This dispenser only requires you to touch the towel, thereby reducing the chance of cross-contamination from touching commonly used surfaces like levers and buttons. This dispenser then cuts a pre-measured 28cm towel, this reduces waste of the towel.
Baywest Roll Towel 

Baywest Roll Towel 192m Roll Towel 100% Recycled EcoSoft. Contains 49% post consumer waste while still containing its bright white colour.

Baywest Toilet Tissue 
The Baywest Toilet Tissue is a 2 ply toilet paper that is 100% recycled and contains up to 49% post consumer waste and still maintains it bright white colour.